Welcome to our Bakery Cafe!

Just steps from Old Town Clovis, it’s a place to come hang out, hit the books or keep it professional.  Proudly serving one of Europe’s top espresso, Kimbo. Grab a cup for your enjoyment while sending your taste buds on a trip across the world.

Delight yourself with traditional flavors and pastries from the heart of Portugal, baked fresh every morning!

Good Eats

Breads                 Portuguese Specialties

Portuguese Sweet Rolls                                     Salame de Chocolate

Linguiça Bread                                                    Pastel de Nata

Papo Seco                                                             Filhoz

Focaccia                                                                Lingua da sogra

Mallorca Buns                                                     Bolo de Arroz

Cinnamon Swirl                                                  Pasteis de Feijao

White / Wheat Loaf


Apple Turnovers

Danishes: apple chai. strawberry. triple berry.

Croissants: almond. chocolate. custard. fruit.

Ham & Cheese (+egg for $0.50)

Muffins: banana pecan. caramel apple. double berry. toffee crunch

Cinnamon Rolls: traditional. honey almond crunch. bourbon maple bacon.

Brownies: plain. reeses. turtle.

Tarts: fruit (seasonal). almond. nata. blueberry coconut




Bica – espresso
Garoto – espresso w/ steamed milk
Meia-de-Leite – latte
Galao – macchiato
Drip (decaf only)
1/2 & 1/2 – hot cocoa w/ 2 shots espresso
Chaplain – americano topped w/ vanilla steamed milk
Aztec – a latte w/ a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and cayenne in steamed milk
Turtle Latte – caramel & chocolate dusted w/ pecans

Cold                             Non-Coffee

Iced Chai                                           Hot Cocoa

Iced latte                                           Steamers (add any flavor)

Iced mocha

Teas                             Non-Dairy

Chamomile                                       almond. coconut.
Earl Grey Lemon Latte
Chai latte


caramel. salted caramel. toffee. french vanilla. vanilla bean. hazelnut. cherry. raspberry. pomegranate. mango. coconut. banana. peach. white chocolate.

MADE IN HOUSE: pumpkin pie. cream pie base. simple syrup sweetener base.


To place an order or for any inquiries, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

Quotes will not be given over phone for any custom orders.

EMAIL:                  sweetdelicates@gmail.com

PH.:                        559-326-7550

ADDRESS:           50 W. Bullard Ave. suite 111 Clovis, CA 93612